Seahawks, Lynch, and the 12th Man…..Amazing

Seahawks Marshawn Lynch. Photo by S. Kajihiro
By Steve Kajihiro

After the Seattle Seahawks defeated the New Orleans Saints on Saturday in the NFC Wild Card game, it took me a few days to settle down from the excitement.   There are tons of stories about the game and what transpired so I am going to be a little different.  Yes, I know…I am different.   I grew up in Hawaii, where the closest football team to professional is the University of Hawaii Warriors.  We had no specific NFL team to root for so like the melting pot it is in Hawaii, every one of us had our own favorite NFL team.   My favorite team growing up was the San Francisco 49ers. Don’t ask me why because I don’t know. It was probably because of the color of the uniforms or something.   But now that I live in Seattle, my favorite team shifted to the Seattle Seahawks.

Like a lot of kids growing up in Hawaii, most of us have never been to a real NFL game.  We grew up watching sports on TV or going to Aloha Stadium to watch the Warriors.  For those that never been to an NFL game, the experience is electrifying.  The Seahawks did a great job on Saturday but some credit has to go to the fans, the 12th man.

Seahawks quarterbacks Matt Hasselbeck, J.P. Losman (l) and Charlie Whitehurst (r). Photo by S. Kajihiro

The energy that was going around on Saturday was amazing. The decibel level was off the chart, the fans were cheering at what I think was on all-time high.  The crowd noise was loud enough to cause false start penalties!  It was simply deafening but this turned into ear popping loud once Marshawn Lynch broke that game sealing 67 yard touchdown run that spelled the end of the road for the Saints.

It is one thing to watch Lynch’s historic run on TV but it was simply an unbelievable feeling to be in the stadium to witness that run first hand.  The fans were roaring and people were jumping up in the air with excitement and joy.  I wish I took a photo of that photographer in front of me, who must have jumped 5 feet in the air about ten times.   Lynch’s run brought a sense of security that day and also a feeling of euphoria.   I was on a natural high after that run, I almost felt like doing the Danger Shuffle right there on the sidelines.

Just to put this into perspective, Lynch’s 4th quarter 67 yard run from scrimmage is touted to be one of the all-time greatest runs in NFL history.  Lynch broke at least 8 tackles on that run including a nice big stiff arm that sent a Saint’s defender flying.

Seahawks 12th Man. Photo by S. Kajihiro

Yes, Lynch’s run was a perfect example of determination but Seattle also seem been playing more as a TEAM in the past few weeks. Their chemistry and level of confidence appear to have increased over the weeks.  Now, with the return of Matt Hasselbeck at quarterback and the knowledge that Charlie Whitehurst can also get the job done, the Seahawks is one step closer to the Super Bowl.

Just remember to never give up on your team.  Just because the team has a losing record, it does not always mean that they are out of contention for the title.  Just look at the Seahawks, who ended their season with a 7-9 record.

Next stop for the Seahawks is Chicago on January 16, 2011.

With that said, I have to say one big…CHEE HOO!!!  Go Seahawks!  Go 12th Man!

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Here the video of the run from YouTube.